Saturday, August 7, 2010

One Way To Make A Difference

The rumors that I fell off the edge of the earth or that I was eaten by a crazed Nudibranch are total conjecture... mostly.

I've just been surfing the wild ride called life, and getting swamped more often than I like. But I think the Sea of Life has started to calm a bit, and so... I'm spy-hopping today to post the first of many bits I've been collecting to share with you.

Doing "Something"
Like most folks, my heart has been breaking over the rape and pillage called the BP oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico. (Don't be fooled, the well may have been capped, but the damage done will take years - perhaps decades - to heal.) For weeks I was overwhelmed with the feeling of helplessness, which grew into anger and then depression. This isn't uncommon for anyone concerned about the welfare of our planet and all of us critters on it... so I'm sure you know what I'm talking about.

Having spent years working for ecological causes and trying to walk my talk as much as I've been able, I knew I had to do "something"... I just needed to figure out what that something was. And then, I had an inspiration... I would auction off one of my most favorite brooches... one that I had decided to keep for myself. Perhaps one more alive than any other piece I've made... My Green Worm.

All the proceeds from the auction will go to the National Wildlife Federation (NWF), which has been working very hard in three arenas - search and rescue, raising awareness, and speaking out on behalf of wildlife. I suggest a visit to their website to learn more about all they are doing.

How The Auction Will Work
  • The auction will run until midnight, August 31.
  • All proceeds will go to the NWF.
  • The starting bid is $ 20.00
  • To make a bid, send me an email at with your bid.
  • I will post the highest bid daily both on my Facebook page and on the home page of my website, Ravens Clay
  • The winning bid will receive my Green Worm brooch, which measures about 2" long and 1/2" wide, with a stick pin on the back that will accommodate most coat lapels. (I have kept my little Green Worm on my favorite jacket for months... so some of you may have run into him and know how cute he is.)
  • If you're not interested in the Green Worm, please consider just sending a few bucks to the NWF. (I promise it will make you feel just a tad less angry and depressed.)
So, that 's how it works - simple and sweet, just the way I like things. Now that the new laptop has arrived (the one with the anti-technogremlin filter), I should be back in the cyber-game, and making more frequent *cough* posts here.

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Cynthia Blanton said...

Glad you are back.