Saturday, January 23, 2010

Orange Scales & Forget the Jet Pack!

Just got back from the Southern New Jersey Polyaddicts retreat, where I taught folks how I made the bangle above, as well as how I make carved Ultralight pins.

I had a terrific time with really wonderful folks, and was delighted to see all sorts of new approaches and forms that came out of the mini-workshop. One of the best parts of teaching, in my opinion, is how much I learn myself, and how an "old" technique (to me, anyway) can be given a breath of fresh air.

Forget the Jet Pack, give me one of these!
Always on the look out for ways that - some day - I could fly with the Ravens, I found this amazing new technology that - some day - will be available to pedestrians like me (except... I'm gonna have to start saving my pennies now, 'cause this one ain't no simple jet pack!).

If you want to know more about this incredible machine, you should read this Scientific American article. The best part is... it's electric! Whisper quite, and no fumes! *note to self... must sell more bangles so I can buy one of these things*

Hmmmmm. Not sure how this showed up twice... bugs, I guess. Geesh.