Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Frozen Iguanas & Other Weird n' Wonderful Science

The deep silence on this blog over the early part of winter wasn't wasted (blog wise, at least). I actually collected a few rather interesting bits and pieces, thinking "wouldn't that be nice for my readers". So... here is a sampling for you Weird & Wonderful Science fans...

Frozen Iguanas: (ok, this one is new... but very interesting)

This is not only a funny story, but also rather interesting. It seems the cold snap in Florida has had an impact on at least one "invasive" species there. But read through the whole article... there's a twist (thus the quotes around "invasive").

"Otter vs. Rock" video, or... The Pet I REALLY Want:
(Photo below from Smithsonian National Zoological Park)

I believe it's actually not a rock but a ping pong ball he's messin' with, but who cares. I could watch this video all day. (I think this little guy was a Harlem Globe Trotter in a prior life.) Be sure to check out the quite from Aristotle, at the top.

Extreme Sheep Herding - With Lights:
I know, Christmas is done, for now. But this video is soooo funny, I had to share it with you. Man, those sheep herding dogs are good!

Sand Dunes... From Space!

If you're as crazy about space images of earth as I am, you'll love this article. The photos are wonderful... who knew that sand could be so... well... diverse? And beautiful!

Finally, from the Shameless Commerce Desk:
Tomorrow I leave for the Southern New Jersey PolyAddicts annual retreat, where I will be teaching a class on how to make an organic bangle using Ultralight and those brass channel bangles that I love. This is a test run for this class, so if it goes well I may be offering it as my first "official" class (see previous blog post).

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