Thursday, October 30, 2008

T minus 11 days & speculative fiction

Yup... the clock is ticking incredibly loud lately. I'm now eating, sleeping and dreaming the PMA Show ( I'm in the Emerging Artists section). I have no idea how this show will turn out for me... but I'm ready to learn from all the mistakes I'm about to make. I'm sure there will be some good outcomes no matter what happens... in fact, I've already gotten into Ornament Magazine (the newest edition). Pat Worrell wrote a terrific article on the show, and wrote 2 paragraphs about me! Zounds! Plus, I got a great shared advertising rate in the current issue...

So, yeah. I've been claying, sanding, planning, building displays, sanding, designing posters and postcards, sanding, photographing inventory, sanding, shopping for necessary bits... and sanding. My fingers are blistered, my hands and arms are aching, my eyes are getting blurry and... I'm really tired.
But I'm beginning to feel ok about the inventory problem... sort of. Now, Tom and I are in the construction mode, making display units which are still in a slightly amorphous state. Heh.

*Tries to avoid chewing fingernails that don't exist anymore*

I don't want to talk about this anymore! So... um.

Cynthia Tinapple
mentioned a term the other day that I hadn't heard of before... "Steampunk". It was such an alluring word, I had to do some research on it...

Jules Verne was a Steampunker, as was H. G. Wells. These guys were really on to something. But these days folks are getting into a bit of a dystopian spin off... cyberpunk.

Which is what my life has been feeling like lately.
*wonders if a cyberpunk BioBangle could work*

*slinks slowly back to sanding*


Nadja said...

My dear Melanie,

That photo of your bangle is amazing! I wish I could see your recent work up close. I'm sure the upcoming show will be a big success for you!

Big hugs from your far away but very close swiss-sister!

Martha Aleo said...

Your work is outstanding (they don't put junk in Ornament) and I'm sure you will be fine. Anticipation is the worst part. When you come up for air, email me about what you need while in you're in Philadelphia, or give me a call.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad your work is getting more attention -- I hope the show treats you fabulously!

When you have time to breathe again, or if you need a "chaser", go see some fun, mad scientist-style steampunk, over at But don't be surprised if gears and trilobites start showing up in your work...

saxo-flytrap said...

Hi Melanie,

Are you back yet? We've missed you here in the pvc mines. Can't wait to hear how the PMA show went.

saxo-flytrap said...

Melanie, congratulations on your achievement at Progress and Possibilities. I am so happy for you.

Nadja said...

Hurray! Congratulations to your Progress and Possibilities success!
I'm so happy for you!

Hugs, hugs, hugs!

Raven's Clay said...

A huge thank you to all you gals! Your warm thoughts and kind words are greatly appreciated.

Oh... and Nadja, my dear big belly Swiss Sister... I think of you often and promise an email some day... soon... I hope.

And remember, women have been giving birth for millions or years... so breath, be at peace, and let your body do what it knows how to do. (Or, as someone once said - stay out of your own way. hehe.) ;)

Dick0369 said...