Sunday, September 28, 2008

Wild, Wacky & Wonderful

Well, before life sweeps me totally away I wanted to squeeze in one more post. (no, no, I'm not dying, or expecting to be swept up by a UFO, or disappear into the shadows of crime and intrigue... I've just been really, REALLY busy.) When I find myself holding on for dear life (OK, OK, so I'm being melodramatic) I often find a little peace by looking at really weird images or reading about amazing things on this small earth. I thought some of you might appreciate the following... (click of the photos to see the original site.)

Above is one of those super duper, close up microscope photos of... heh heh... you'll have to click on the photo to find out what it is. (Yeah, I'm feeling just a tad sadistic this morning.)

This endangered guy is from Australia. No, the green hairdo isn't his (hers?). It's algae hitching a ride.

OK, use your imagination here... this is a Brine Lake, under the ocean. Yeah... very cool, and well worth reading about. (Again, if you weren't paying attention earlier, click on the photo.)

And lastly, in memory of Paul Newman...

What's that? You can't figure out what a photo of a pedestrian suspension bridge has to do with Paul Newman? Um... well, many years ago, when I was a professional architectural photographer, I was hired by an architect to photograph Paul Newman's pedestrian bridge on his property in Connecticut. There's a pretty good story in this photo, but like I said earlier... I'm feeling a tad sadistic... so you'll have to make up your own story. heh.

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