Friday, September 5, 2008

Thoughts on One's Potential

I heard an interesting story the other day, while listening to Coast to Coast AM... I wont due justice to the original story told by Dr. Bruce Lipton... Apparently, one can tie the leg of a young elephant to a stake and keep it tied up until it finally stops trying to get loose. Once they have given up, from then on - no matter how big and strong the elephant grows - all you have to do is keep a rope tied to their leg, not even tied to a stake - and it will not try to get away. Hmmmm.

Ok, no more deep thinking...
I mentioned, last post, that I was having a Studio Sale on my Etsy page. Well, I finally got a few items up the other day, and I will try to add more every day. A few examples of what's currently on Etsy are below.
I'll do my best to post some of the new stuff from Etsy on this blog, too. (Are ya' happy now, Swiss Sister? ;P Hee hee!)

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