Monday, September 1, 2008

Eye Candy... (mucho links alert!)

Yes, yes, I know all you artists out there are buggy for eye candy... but you'll have to wait a moment. First, I want to tell you that, starting later this week I am going to be selling a whole bunch (technical unit of measurement meaning "a lot") of my beads on Etsy.

It's clean out the studio and make some moola (technical monetary term) time at Raven's Clay. So, check my Etsy site later this week for lots of cool stuff (and yes, maybe even some eye candy).

So. Back to eye candy. When I get bored or desperate for inspiration, I head to web sites like these.....

National Geographic Photographs, where you can find things like this:

Fractal World Gallery, where you can find amazing digital art like this:

(Many thanks to Martha Aleo for this terrific link!)

Fruit under microscope... a video that makes me beg for more! (If you like this video, perhaps you'll like the book... this one is on the top of my birthday list. )

ClareSnow's Flicker Nature Set
, where you'll see amazing flower photos like this:

(Thanks to Susan Lomuto for the above site.)

And last, but certainly not least, Kim Cavender's blog is always a delight to visit. Her most recent posts include the work of Marla Frankenberg (oh, what delicious cane work!!) and several bracelets from a variety of artists. Yum!

I hope these links can provide you with some light when your muse seems in the dark.

For me, I'm trying desperately to get ready for the Philadelphia Museum of Art Craft Show...

*runs around the studio in a crazed panic*

...and I'm trying not to look at all the cool, yet distracting, stuff online.

*wonders how artists manage to do zillions of shows every year*


Nadja said...

Hey girl, your posting lots of wonderful pictures! How about some pictures of your work?

Raven's Clay said...

NADJA! Halo my dear, sweet, big bellied Swiss Sister!! Geeze um, I sooooo need to write you an email, my friend. I now have two emails and one post from you, and NOTHING from me. Ack!! But you know I think of you very often, and an email will come... eventually. Hey, this is Mel you're dealing with. lol!

And in regards to my own work? Check today's post (which isn't up yet... again, patience). ;)

xoxoxoxo - Mel