Sunday, November 23, 2008

A Really Big Show & Micro Flying Spys!

Slowly, slowly, slowly, I am climbing out of the haze (and pain) of months of frenzied preparation for the Philadelphia Museum of Art Craft Show. (Successes and lessons below.)

It went incredibly well, all things considered, in part because of much help from many friends and angels (in particular Sarah Shepley, Betsy Baker, and my partner Tom, just to name three).

And for those who insisted I take photos of my PMA booth.... (larger pics upon request)

So, after a week of "processing" the outcomes of the show, I've been able to come up with the following...

  • almost covered expenses (hey, this is really good, considering how much I spent on this show - heh).
  • a fantastic response to my wilder work (the bigger... and much more expensive... BioBangles)
  • wonderful insights and support from my favorite pc artist, Kathleen Dustin (mucho mucho thanks Kathleen!)
  • 4 amazingly stunning pairs of earrings from a swap with Kathleen (one pair went to Sarah for all her help over the week, and another pair went to my sister for her birthday.... but I shamelessly kept the best 2, heehee!)
  • 1 pair of stud earrings from Ford and Forlano (the only pair I could afford, but still absolutely stunning!)
  • The opportunity to really get to know Sarah Shepley, a fantastic artist and now a wonderful, close friend.
  • Always make sure you know how to use the credit card machine before the show opens.
  • Don't show a potential buyer how tough your bangles are by vigorously throwing one onto the floor (use your imagination).
  • Don't make things to sell. Make things you love making, and then sell them.
I know there are more successes and lessons... I just can't think of them right now.

Oh, and from the Shameless Promotion & Ego Strutting department... I got into the 2009 Spring and Holiday Craft Boston Shows, and... da da da daaaa... I'm on the wait list for the Smithsonian Craft Show!!!! Holy Smokes!!! *head spins briefly... for the 100th time* Oh, and... um.... I got second place in NPCG Progress & Possibilities 2008 for Jewelry - just behind Kathleen Dustin! Zounds, the air is getting pretty thin up here. 0.O

Ok, that's enough crowing.

Here's a nifty little factoid for those that like to collect factoids that are.... um ... interesting...

The US military is planning to have "Mico Aerial Vehicle" spys as small as a bumble bee by 2030. By 2015 they say that they'll have bird size AVs. Funny to read this on the AP web site because I thought they already had them.

Hmmm. Perhaps this is just another one of those times when the US military is decades behind the rest of the world. Heh.

Well, regardless, it's pretty cool... and rather disturbing. I mean, if there's a huge brew-haha about violations of our civil liberties now... just think what these little bumble bee spys could do. *shivers*


Kathi said...

mazel tov on your good show Melanie! Sounds like you are on to bigger and better shows after this eh?

Judy said...

Congratulations Melanie! What a glorious moment you are in. Do you best to enjoy every minute of it. And, I hope it extends for a good long time. :-)

Raven's Clay said...

Hello (and mazel tov) to you, Kathi and Judy!! Thank you both for your very kind words and encouragement.

I must admit, I have been struggling to keep my ego at bay, and stay in touch with the "divine" act of creation, but all this praise and exposure is making it hind of hard! ;) When I can let go of my ego, I find myself very humbled.

So, again, thank you so much!

Le Loup said...

congratulations too!
i'd like to know why you shouldn't have thrown one bangle onto the floor, i've done with a ring and nothing happened! ;-))
don't tell me it broke... it jumped everywhere in the place? tne buyer didn't want to buy it since it has been thrown?
i've many reasons as you can read, but i would like to know the one!!
Bravo! one more time!... and i'm jealous you've met K Dustin! ;-))
Follow your way, doing your best!

Raven's Clay said...

Hi Le Loup!

Um... about that bangle... I threw it really hard, I'm afraid, and yes it did bounce around a bit, but it must have hit something at just the wrong angle. And... well... yeah, I'm not selling that one. Everything has it's limit, I guess. So... the lesson is that polymer is VERY resilient, but not impervious to damage. Hope that satisfies your curiosity my friend The Wolf! (Btw, I love wolves almost as much as I love Ravens!)

Janice said...


I can't believe I'm this far behind in my blog reading. Congratulations on your unbelievable successes. Well deserved - and an inspiration to all. You do the polymer clay community oh so well! Kudos!