Sunday, March 9, 2008

A Little Inspiration...

I've been e-conversing with Angela Gerhard recently... we seemed to have been noticing each others work lately and, as happens in cyber-space, we have begun a bit of conversation (what did artists tucked into the woods like I am do before there was "the nets"?).

Angela's current work is with enamels, but she's worked with polymer clay too. I'm loving her enamel work, and looking forward to seeing it first person at Craft Boston, in just a couple of weeks! (I'll also be visiting Betsy of Stonehouse Studio while I'm down there.)

My latest convo to Angela reminded me of work by another new friend and fantastic artist, Kate Fowle Meleney.

She's got a terrific line of beads she calls the "Biotech Series". Happenstance that I should love her work? I think not.

Wow, what an amazing lamp work artist! And I'm the proud owner of the bead above... lucky me!
I'll have some photos of new BioBangles soon... so stay tuned.

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Hillary said...

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