Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Nudibranchs Here I Come!

Yes, I said Nudibranchs...

It was Nudibranchs that got me started on this wavy kinda bangle. But I've been skirting a nudibranch look because... well... if you take a look at the nundibranch link, you'll see that it could lead to some extreme bangles... which may happen... but... well... we'll see. One step at a time.

Here's a detail of the inside of the bangle... my favorite inside pattern yet.

I owe Maggie Maggio a huge thank you. Her "Color Smashing" workshop taught me many things, but the most mind blowing? Well, I learned not to be afraid of Zinc Yellow or Fuschia, and that if you do a skinner blend with the two, it makes this fantastic blend. Zounds!

The BioBangle above is a great example of this blend, although this particular photo doesn't show the color variations well. (Not to make excuses, of course. *cough*) You can see a tad of the Zinc Yellow, but the thin outer rim of Fuschia isn't very clear. In real life the colors in this bangle create a kind of illusion, leaving the viewer perplexed as to what shade of red it really is. It's kind of cool.

*self-satisfied grin*
*remembers it was Maggie who taught her this trick*
*finds humility again*

If this BioBangle doesn't satisfy any of you, stay tuned. There will be more BioBangle photos coming up soon.


Susan Turney said...

Hi Melanie,
They just keep getting more fabulous! I absolutely love them!

Le Loup said...

i don't write so good english, but i wanted to tell you how marvellous they are!
i cannot stop coming to look at them everyday!
you've found something great and your inspiration is great too!
good good job!
thank you showing them!
see you soon!

Anonymous said...

You did it!! You really, really did it! The first time I saw your bangles I thought "NUDIBRANCHS, Yeah! You are so exceptionally talented! I absolutely love them! Now I keep thinking....How'd she do that?

Keep up the wonderful work!

P.S.Here is the absolute definitive site for these wonderful slugs:

You have to click on some of the picture links on the left to see them individually. They even have a nudibranch of the week! Hope you're even more inspired! I love what you are doing!!!

Raven's Clay said...

Hi Susan, Le Loup and Doreen! You gals are sooooo sweet! You inspire me to make more and see where they go.
For instance, I've been thinking about adding more 3D elements to them... but haven't gone past the concept phase yet.

Thanks for the terrific link, Doreen. I think I'll be spending a bunch of time on that site. heehee!

Ulrike said...

My goodness, they are gorgeous.
I can't imagine what would happen if you will ever have a closer look at snakes, birds, larvals.....

Polka Dot Creations said...

That bangle is beautiful! Along with all of the others you have been posting. And as far as your sea life inspiration goes, I can see how that could lead to some seriously extreme bracelets, LOL!

I'm excited to see what you do next.

Nadj-Branchs ;o) said...

Oh how exciting! Fabulous!

Mel said...

It's DEFINTELY 'kinda cool' Melanie. I am so excited for you. I can see the spirit of creativity is alive and well and you started finding 'your voice' long before it became a cliche...seems there's no stopping you, from better to better to omigod!

Clay on!
Mel said...

Oh-my-god! they are just FABULOUS - as Nadja said. Why didn't they swim by at Synergy - I definitely would have bought time;)

beadworx said...

oh, by the way - that was me up there;) wrong account...tstst

Raven's Clay said...

Holy Smokes! (that's an ancient exclamation of surprise, for those not of the US of A) You gals are makin' my head spin! And making it about twice it's normal size. My muse is laughing hysterically, while I'm wondering if they make hats the size my head has become. Yikes!

Thank you all soooooo much! But how am I going to have any control over my muse now that she's seen all your very kind words!! ack!

Hey, Ulrike... I like your kind of thinking. Hmmmm, snakes, birds and... mmmmm, Larva! heehee!

Nadj-Branchs - lol! Hey Sister! I'm missing you something awful, believe me... yeah, I know, no emails for centuries... but it's true. I'll work on a nice long email soon. Promise!

And Lisa, Mel and Bettina, you gals are toooo much! Thanks for your encouragement, ladies. I have no idea if these things will sell yet (at least, at the wholesale prices I've listed on Trunkt), but at least I know that folks are enjoying them. :)

You are all so VERY SWEET!!!!

Dot said...

Love this, and love the green one even more!

Sabine said...

Oh, I am just having a creative brainstorming online with your blog. I just love you bangles and musings and I can empathise with your pain etc, ad I have CFS. I love those morning brainwaves in bed before a hectic day.
I love your originality, creativity and the way you respond to nature. I feel, that when selling isn't the main aim in one's work, one is most creative.
good work probably takes care of itself with a little business saviness. Sadly so often artists fall in a rut, creating for their market and work becomes repetitive. Your works are true collector's items. Keep up the wonderful work!!!!!!!