Thursday, February 28, 2008

Simply, Savarick & Synergy Saturation... least, that's my excuse for not posting until now, and my excuse for not having any photos to share with you.

*ducks several laptops thrown in her direction*

Hey, there are plenty of fellow bloggers with terrific photos of Synergy, and I was so wrapped up with Seth Savarick's amazing class that I only took one photo there, which I haven't even downloaded onto my computer... ugh!! I'm so sorry!



You can find some terrific photos at these (and I'm sure other) locations...
You can find some terrific words about Synergy at Susan Lomuto's Polymer Clay Notes (who also didn't take photos to share... so I'm in good company).

If you think all I've been doing since I got back from Synergy is unpacking *cough* and looking at everyone else's pictures, you're not entirely correct... I've also been getting down to the business of marketing... finally.

I now have a Trunkt page (yes, I said "page" - I'm still trying to figure the whole thing out), and I have begun to submit photos of my work to publications. No, you don't get to hear who I'm submitting stuff to until I get accepted, and if you don't understand why, you must not have an Ego... or you're tough as nails.

More (and yes, I mean photos) to come soon (ish).


beadworx said...

sweetheart, how nice of you to tell everybody about the Glad you're home safe. Speaking of unpacking - I still can see my suitcase standing in the other room waiting to get unpacked - I only took the clay stuff out so far.
read you soon and love and hugs

Nadja said...

Congratulations to your submissions! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you my dear. The Trunkt page looks great! Is this some kind of online-shop like etsy?
Hey it seems like you girls had great fun at the synergy conference! Thanks to everyone who took fotos... ;oD
I'm eager to hear everything about it... ;o)