Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Robert Dancik's Workshop (Part Duo)

So, for the part duo (and final) entry on the Robert Dancik workshop, I'll refrain from typing too much. *cough-yeah-right-cough* Instead, I'll impart a few delicious examples of what folks worked on in the class. Above, notice the very groovy watch parts included in the pieces of faux bone.

I apologize for not listing the names of the creators of these wonderful pieces. And I'm guessing that the creators, if you could hear them through cyberspace, might be saying things like "Wait, it's not finished!" Probably true, but these "unfinished" pieces are lovely despite their incompleteness.

Below are a few pieces that I have been working on in faux bone. Some of my faux bone bits were made before the workshop, including the bottom photo, which also has some of my polymer clay pendant pieces.

I never managed to incorporate my polymer pieces into a faux bone project, but I went away from the workshop with a whole bunch of ideas!

For those who like to look at all things lovely and unusual... I offer a link to an NPR article on "Extreme Knitters". Be sure to check out the "audio slide show". These knitting guerrillas " weird stuff like fiberglass and lead, get together for massive knitting parties and cover entire park benches with yarn." Some even practice knitted graphiti. Very cool, and worth a look/listen.

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