Monday, January 28, 2008

Robert Dancik's Workshop (Part I)

(Or "What I Did On My Vacation")

Well, I'm finally back from my week-plus wanderings, and ready to file my report on the workshop I took - "Faux Bone and Forming Lasting and Meaningful Attachments." There's a lot to share, so it will be in a couple-few postings so as not to bore you too much.

The workshop with Robert Dancik, at The Bead House's annex studio was fantastic and a good time was had by all.

Robert is a fantastic teacher. It isn't common to find a master artist who teaches really well too, but Robert certainly fits the bill. He even had some wonderful "teaching aids" for those of us with *cough* failing middle-aged eyes. Above is his demonstration on how to flange a rivet. No, really, it is! Can't you see the "mallet" bending down the edges of the (polymer clay) wire rivet?

Above is a photo of Robert's colored epoxy demonstration. He makes it all seem so easy and doable. I was also pleased to see that his desk looks like my studio... only, it's just a desk... and my studio... um... well, it's bigger. And messier, and... well. Yeah.

Robert was not only a treasure trove of information (and cool demos), he also came to the workshop barring gifts. Above is hardware bling which we all received... it's very small hardware bling. For scale, I put it all in my camera's lens cap. Tiny very small bling. But very cool. I can't wait to try them.

So, we had lots of demos, and lots of bling and got to hear Robert talk...

And talk...

And talk...

And talk. Lucky for us, he is a delightful, sharing and funny man. He is both inspirational and inspiring. I think I want to be like Robert Dancik when I grow up.

As I mentioned before, my next post will be part II of "Robert Dancik's Workshop - or, What I Did On My Vacation". So, stay tuned, kids!

Oh, wait! Don't go yet! I almost forgot to give the answer to the last post's mystery questions.

And the answer is..... da daaaa...

Shaved colored pencils (without the wood, or course)! It gives both tint and texture, as well as a nice lustrous finish. And best of all, the color doesn't shift when baked. How nifty is that?!


vegtablegirl said...

Looks like you had a very interesting weekend. Can't wait to see what pieces of art you are going to make after that workshop!
Oh, colored pencil shavings; that is almost too "unspectacular". ;o) You fooled us all (or at least me)with your "secret ingredient" and our minds wandered off to dried broccoli (I would have voted for that too) and such exotic ingredients. :oD

Raven's Clay said...

What?!?!?! Unspectacular?!?! ;P LOL! Sometimes, my dear swiss sister, the best answer is a simple one. (wicked grin)

The next installment of "Workshop" will be coming in a day or two, I hope. I've volunteered to do a bit of (pre-conference)work at Synergy, am trying to get ready (as in production) for the Synergy Gallery and Vendors Table, and have had a great response to my items in Etsy, so my schedule is pretty full. We shall see.

Oh, and the lack of a response to your latest (and very exciting) email is due to the above also. Hey, it's a simple, but elegant, excuse. ;)

Hugs back at ya', and an email somewhere in the future...