Friday, December 14, 2007

More Organics!

No, this isn't my work. Geesh! Like I could spend the time needed to pull these beauties off.

This is the work of Louise Hibbert. She calls it, appropriately, "Plankton Art". I call it stunning! The only polymer in these beauties is polymer resin (whatever that is). It looks like she uses a base form of wood, then laminates with resin and adds color with acrylic paints and inks. Some of her work features bits of "fine" woods like Spanish olivewood and ebony.

I have yet to find my own "style" when it comes to an organic look. But I'm incredibly inspired by others, and it should only be a matter of time and practice before my muse finds her "organic" voice. Right? *looks around for encouragement* Um, guys... hey, where did everybody go?!

My thanks to Grant Diffendaffer, the man with the long but phonetic last name, for including a link to Louise's work on his site. Oh, and thanks to Cynthia Tinapple for letting us all know that Grant's book is out... now I have no money for Christmas presents!!


Christmas cheese lady said...

Oh yes, great work! Thanks for sharing!


Raven's Clay said...

LOL! Tell me, my dear Swiss sister, do you guys color your christmas cheese red and green? ;P Lol!

Hey, I have been meaning to write you a nice long email for some time, my dear... but life (and the holidays) has swept me away. Please know that, even when I don't send you emails, you are in my thoughts often. Oh, how I wish I could just grab Tom and Al, hop on a plane and spend Christmas in Bern!! *sigh*

Very cold snowy & warm woodstove hugs to you and Lucas!! -M

Janice said...

Wow - I've died and gone to pod heaven! I clicked on Louise's link and found more work to drool over. The work she does with Sarah Parker-Eaton is phenomenal as well. Thanks for the post.