Monday, December 17, 2007

On Becoming an Entreprenuer...

Once again, my morning coffee has sent me dashing along the web and landed me at an interesting list of "Tips for Budding Entrepreneurs" by Ross Mayfield. Having been self-employed for the majority of my life, I thought it would be a lark to see if I have lived up to Mayfield's list... here we go...
  1. Change your major. (Done that several... no, wait... many multiple times.)
  2. Start a business. (yep... many multiple times.)
  3. Connect with the Net. (oh, you mean the Nets? Yeah, sure.)
  4. Take responsibility beyond your years. (Never!!)
  5. Go abroad. (Twice, so far... and I've decided I'm retiring on the coast of Italy, does that count?)
  6. Experiment at the margin. (Eh.)
  7. Have fun with failure. (That comes with not following #4.)
  8. Take time for strategy. (Strategy is for those weak of mind! OK, who said "sour grapes?!")
  9. Pay yourself. (What's that word, "pay"? Hey, I have to pay my creditors first!)
  10. Service the desire. (If you mean my desire, then yeah, always!)
  11. Do different. (Hmmm. Needs work, I think.)
  12. Work with good people. (Definitely! Not hard in the polymer clay world.)
  13. Stick to ethics. (Who's?)
  14. Be a businessperson. (A what?)
  15. Start a weblog. (Yeah, me and about ten million others. How does that work with #11?)
I also want to share with you all an interesting quote by one Salvador Dali:

"Those who do not want to imitate anything, produce nothing."

For those hoping for more polymer clayish photos, please be patient. More to follow - soon! (ish)

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