Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Lupita in a Stonehouse

Today I was washed away from Polymer Clay Daily on a surfing wave, and ended up drifting through Etsy. As I was meandering my way along, I realized it had been much too long since I visited my friend Betsy Baker's website.

I was totally blown away by what I saw there and at her Etsy site!

Jimminy Cricket, has her work blossomed! I am humbled and feel like I have been left in the dust.

Perhaps it is because she has the capacity to stay focused and keep working on an idea until she gets it "right", I don't know, but she has created an exquisite look that is all her own. Her artful ability to incorporate metal and stone into her polymer clay work, her use of mica shift and alcohol inks, shines through and shouts "Betsy Baker"! Brava to Betsy, I say. I only wish that some of her Muse's ability to stay focused would rub off on to my muse (fickle thing that she is).


Nadja said...

Thank you Melanie for those great pictures of Betsys excellent work! I had a look at her portfolio in "Trunkt" and it is just stunning! Look for yourself

Hugs and Greetings from Chocolate and Cheese-Country!

Stonehouse Studio said...

Melanie and Nadja,

You're embarrasing me!! Thanks so much - it means a lot when praise comes from such talented folks as yourselves.

And Mel, the Lupita reference is very timely since Wednesday is December 12, el Día de Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe and my birthday 50 odd years ago in Mexico (gulp!!)

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