Monday, November 26, 2007

Where Have I Been, You Ask?

Yep, been playing with Precious Metal Clay. A LOT! No, no, no, I haven't giving up on polymer clay (like I ever could!). I'm just making components that I can incorporate with my polymer clay. (See those two beads at the bottom of the photo? Those are polymer clay faux marble with a PMC wrap around the middle.) I've had a huge interest in combining polymer clay with other mediums (media?) - particularly silver - but (other than faux bone) I haven't found anything that really spoke to my Muse. And you know how terribly picky my muse is.

I've resisted PMC for some time because of the cost, but after giving up on the idea of learning how to solder sterling silver (it's not safe to put me close to really hot things), and not finding anything else that kicks polymer clay up a notch like silver, I gave in. Oh, and my dear partner Tomas chipped in a sizable contribution for a kiln. Hey, it was my 50th birthday, remember?!

While I've taken two PMC classes, if one wants to produce anything intricate and "different", one must take the time to learn. So... I've been doing just that. Phew! It's been a really interesting process, and I've really been enjoying the challenge of finding interesting ways to bring PMC and polymer clay together. (More photos of those attempts at a later date.)

Oh, and if you still believe I've given up on polymer clay, here's a sampling of some simple striped canes I made last week.

I'm not sure why, but I've had a huge attraction to striped canes recently. Maybe because you can do so many different, graphically strong things with them. Again, more of that later.


Linda said...

your PMC pieces are really nice, Melanie, glad to see you take on the challenge!

Nadja said...

Cooooool! Those look faboulus! You know I love texture... It looks like you are having a great time with PMC my dear... ;o)

Hugs to you!

PS: I just wished the picture would pop up a lot bigger when I click on it so I can see more detail...

Bettina said...

whew, great pieces with lovely texture patterns. As Nadja said - I wished the pic would pop up a bit bigger to see all the beauty in these beads.
Fabulous Melanie

Connie (The Purple Princess) said...

Isn't PMC just wonderful!!?? I've been playing with it a lot lately too!

Raven's Clay said...

Hey, Hi Gals! Thanks to all of you for your very kind words.

I've reloaded the PMC photos so you can see more detail. I have a bunch more I need to photograph, and another bunch in the kiln that need finishing. And, a bunch more that need some "cold connections" to polymer clay and faux bone.

So yeah, I've been having a blast!

Nadja! My dear Swiss Sister, I owe you an email. Stay tuned... it will come... ;)

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