Tuesday, September 18, 2007

A way of looking at one's art...

It took me over 40 years to feel comfortable calling myself an artist. Perhaps it was getting older that made it easier, perhaps it was developing fibromyalgia and learning how to let go of things that really didn't matter anyway... like all the "shoulds" and "aught tos" we grow up believing. Whatever it was, a few weeks from my 50th birthday I am grateful that I am able to say the words out loud... "I am an artist. " And here's why...

I was listening to National Public Radio Sunday evening when I heard a really interesting interview with an artist named Joey Bonhage. He works out of his shop in New Orleans, Louisiana, making flowers out of sheet metal. In the interview he talks about his life - which has been filled with difficulties and major challenges - and about his art - which clearly has been a panacea for him through the years.

I urge anyone who is struggling to bring the artist out from within, who can't get those four words out of their mouth - "I am an artist" - and feel comfortable doing it, to listen to Joey Bonhage's interview.

It's not about the end product, it's not about the money or the ego. It's about joy. Joy in the experience of creating, the joy of seeing what's been created, and the joy in seeing other's feel the same way you did when you were creating.

Ok, to put it another way...

Pasta machine, $75.00.
Large order of polymer clay, $210.00.
Tissue blades, acrylic roller, and other tools, & $55.00.
A workshop with your favorite artist, $450.
The act of creating, priceless!

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