Monday, September 17, 2007

How Dare They!!

Did you receive your Fire Mountain Gems Mega Catalogue yet? Flip through it until you see a page with the heading "Color Forecast Guide." (Sorry, I don't have the page number because I tore the page out and it doesn't have a page number on it.)

Perhaps this is just one of those secrete global conspiracies... I tend to think so... but did you know that there is an international "team" who decides - for us - what colors we'll be wearing over a year from now. Hey, I can understand telling us what this fall and winter's fashion colors are/will be, based on what designer have been working on...
(Hmmmm. I'm liking the teal - what they are calling "peacock", and that "cayanne" is my kind of red! But "bubble gum"?! And what they call "antique sage" isn't even green! Isn't sage green? Yeah, this coming from a gal who insisted her shirt was rust when Maggio Maggio said it was pink.)

I can even understand being able to surmise Spring 2008's colors... for the same reasons as I mentioned earlier - you know, those crazy fashion Moguls who decide what styles they want people to wear (that rant I'll save for another day).

(What the heck is "framboise"? And who would wear a color called "vitric" - sounds like something from a laboratory. And who comes up with names like "suffuse" and "fettle", or "helenic." Oooo ooo! Look, there's a "raven"! Oh. It's just a dark gray.)

But who are they trying to fool? Coming up with the colors that will be the latest trends in Fall-Winter 2008/2009?
I mean, I don't even know what color I'm going to wear tomorrow.


Stormy Designs said...

Great post. LOL I agree with you on the putrid green color "Vitric" and on the other names. I can't see how they can predict the colors, unless they know what the fashion industry is doing. I'm like you, I don't know what color I'm going to wear tomorrow either, LOL :-)

Raven's Clay said...

Lol! I'm glad I'm not alone, Stormy! I console myself that there are probably a lot of folks who wish they could not care about what they are wearing tomorrow... much less a year from now. ;)

Michael said...

(g) Yeah, I've always wondered about those color forecasts, too. Seems a bit silly to me. (I want the job of choosing names for all the colors, though! I've wanted that job ever since I was a pre-teen, reading the names for lipsticks and eye shadows...)

It's interesting to see what "They" think the next hot colors will be, but I'm not letting it dictate what colors I choose to use-- either in my beads or in what I wear! Maybe I shouldn't have said that, though. The color police will be keeping an eye on me, now... ;o)

Bettina Welker - beadworx said...

lol, well I guess they check on stuff that fashion designers create for the next seasons. These predictions match very often the colors that you will see on fashion shows - my MIL travels to fashion fairs a lot and is always eager to be zup to date on that. she always tells me: "make jewelry of these colors for the next season and you will sell in my store" - I'll give it a try in spring season:)

And by the way: framboise is french for raspberry:)

Anonymous said...

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