Friday, October 5, 2007

Phew! Thank Goodness THAT'S over!

The Camden Harbor Arts Festival is finally over!! I'm not sure I'll ever do that again. (Funny, I remember saying that last year, too.) The stress level was way too high for a whimpy adrenal system like mine. After a month of intensive Production, and two frenetic days of standing and talking about my work and myself, and trying to come up with the right change at the same time, and then a week of super-duper head cold... well... need I say more?

And for those who like, or have been asking for (Nadja) pictures...

Yes, Funky can be a good thing... Especially when everyone else is a conformist. You see, everyone else had a tidy white tent, with tidy white sides, and tidy professional displays. My booth, on the other hand... well... you can see for yourself. (Note the funky fellow standing there... that would be Tom, pretending to be an interested customer, to give the photo scale.) Apparently, my booth stood out like a sore thumb, and that attracted onlookers like a train wreck. But once they got inside my tent... well.... bwaaahaahahaaa!

It turned out that my booth was the most active in my section (I don't know about the rest of the fair because I was too busy to notice, which is a good thing... I guess). Yes, I turned a pretty good profit. Enough to make me feel like I haven't waisted all my time, and enough to help pay for all the expenses in my trip to Europe that weren't budgeted for.

Oh, and for those who don't know squat about Camden, Maine, where the fair was held... here's the view from my spot in the fair...

Yes, those are huge schooners out there in the harbor, and beyond the masts of all those lovely ships are emerald islands and down right stunning beauty. And later in the day (sorry, no photos) a humungous cabin cruiser pulled in to dock... you know the kind, like what Bill Gates or Warren Buffett might own. And yes, one lady came to my booth and dropped almost $300 in less than two minutes! Oh, to be one of the Beautiful People. *sigh*


Susan Turney said...

Wow, Melanie!! What a setting! And your booth looks colorful. I can see why you did so well. It sounds to me like it was well worth it! Yaaaaayyyyyy!

Nadja said...

Wonderful! Sounds like you had a great time! I'm so happy for you my dear; would love to be your assistant once in such a fair... ;o)

Big swiss hugs!

Bettina said...

Your booth looks great Mel - nice work there, like to see it in person.

BTW: I registered last monday - we'll meet in Feb!!!
AND: I had a great clay weekend with Nadja two days ago. You can see what we did on my flickr


Raven's Clay said...

Susan, Nadja and Bettina! Hello, gals, thanks for visiting! :) And thanks for all the kind words!!

I'm "tickled pink" (crazy American slang meaning "very happy") that you'll be coming to my side of the pond, Bettina. Now, how about Susan and Nadja... when are YOU signing up for Synergy, hmmmmm? ;P

Nadja, I know I owe you an email my dear sister... It is coming. I'm just kind of... well... behind the power curve (another crazy American slang, meaning about to run out of power - ask Lucas...). But know I AM thinking about you, and miss you something terrible!

Oh, and Happy Birthday, Bettina, fellow Libran!! I'm turning 50 tomorrow - yikes!!! (There, Nadja, you nagged it out of me! ;P LOL!)

Huge cold rainy Maine hugs to all three of you!! -Melanie

Bettina said...

Well, today is your Bday - HAPPY BIRTHDAY Melanie - you know, your're always as old as your soul is feeling, and your soul seems to be in it's twenties, so don't bother about numbers.
BTW, I guess Nadja made a huge step forward to registering to synergy after our clay play weekend...*g*

Have a great day today, enjoy!

big hug Bettina

Raven's Clay said...

Thanks for the Birthday wishes, Bettina! You are very sweet.

Yeah, Nadja sent me an email today, and said she and Lucas are coming to Synergy. Yippeeeeeee! A terrific Birthday present! Lol!

This is gonna be fun!! ;)

Stonehouse Studio said...

Melanie, I'm so glad your show went well. As an outdoor show veteran I know how exhausting they can be. And I must say, the location is much nicer than my usual show haunts....

I love your booth and your work looks awesome, as always!

I just registered for Synergy...can't wait!


Raven's Clay said...

YAAAAY! Betsy is coming to Synergy!! How cool is this?!?!? We must talk, my dear... I'll email soon. :)

Bettina said...

And I just booke my hotel room:)

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