Friday, August 3, 2007

A taste of Italy...

It has been VERY busy here in Stresa, Italy for us folks at the Polymer Art workshop. Phew! Today was our last day of classes and we celebrate a fine week of exploration with a party at Louise's home. I really do promise a good summary (with photos of course) of the five days of classes... but it has been difficult to get the time to share all this. Blame it on wonky fancy Italian hotels that don't offer free web access in your room (you have to pay 5 Euros and sit in the lobby for half an hour... kind of stunts your creative energy, I think). So, here ya go:

Some of Stresa's Colors (taken at the local street market):

Some of Stresa's Architecture:

Some of Stresa's delicioso foods (yes, it's been hard to keep the calories down!):


Kim Cavender said...

I've really enjoyed reading about your trip. What beautiful colors and amazing sights you've experienced! Glad you're having a fabulous time!

Raven's Clay said...

Hi Kim! Sorry for not replying sooner, but we've had severe internet deprivation for some time now. Stay tuned, however, because I'll have lots to post for some time to come! Lol!

Hey, your lovely earrings have been traveling with me - they're real globe trotters!