Thursday, August 9, 2007

Back from an internet black hole...

...and glad of it! Well, let me rephrase that... We've finally found a hotel that has a "free" wireless Internet connection, but where we've been has been wonderful. It will take some time to share even a summary of what we have experienced these last few weeks, but perhaps that will encourage me to post every day from here on (more or less).

So, I am not going to post photos of our workshop with Louise Fischer Cozzi and Maggie Maggio yet - I need to get some more photos from Nadja first (her camera can take better "non-flash" photos than the little one I borrowed from my son). But here are a few little tid bits of what the "gals" did when they weren't slaving away *cough* under the firm hands of Louise and Maggie *sputter cough*.

To the left are Betsy and Nadja sitting at the breakfast table waiting for their cappuccino (very hot and strong, prego!).

And here is the whole gang minus Maggie (I think it was her day off) eagerly awaiting their fine (if expensive) lunch. Can you see how eager we are to get back to work? Let's see.... going clock wise from left to right there is Claudia (from Florence), Jane (from Germany by way of England), Betsy (aka Esty Betsy from Boston), Nadja (my favorite Ooshy and steadfast interpreter), Alicia (from Milan), Laurie (from Ohio... I think?!?! Sorry, Laurie! I've forgotten.), our fearless leader Louise (from NYC or Stresa, take your pick), and yours truly (from the woods of Maine).

Here are photos of Laurie, Nadja, Jane and Betsy. We are taking a boat to an island in the middle of Lake Maggiore to feast on divine Italian foods and the gods ambrosia (aka Italian wines).

And just to make sure you don't think all we did was eat during our stay at Stresa *cough sputter choke* here are Melanie and Nadja contemplating our toes above the waters of the magnificent Lago Maggiore. Ok, it's 8:00 pm, which is the time all fashionable Italians go to dinner, so "ciao for now!"


Marla said...

Melanie, that does indeed look like Laurie from Ohio!

It's been great to see you having such a wonderful trip. I've really been enjoying the pictures & your stories.


Raven's Clay said...

MARLA! How are you!!! I'm so sorry we didn't get a chance to talk at Shrine Mont. :( Yes, we were both soooo busy! Lol. Thank you for visiting my little blog. I am hoping I can catch up over the next couple of weeks.... so stay tuned!