Sunday, September 4, 2011

A Nice Ring (or three, er... four)

Last year a number of polymer artists took a year long Ring-A-Day challenge, and the results totally gobsmacked me... And, it got my old Muse hootin' and hollerin' to get going on my own designs. My Muse can be a major task master *coughpainintheasrsecough*, so I complied and actually kind of like some of the results.

The core is sterling silver. I built and carved a polymer armature over the core, then laminated it with cane work. It really is a pain to do (I don't like small work... my fingers are too old and achy), but I really like the end results... so far.

I even made a few wavy rings to go with the wavy bangles... But don't expect too many of those, because they are even more of a pain. Fun... but a pain (literally).  

For those who enjoy my bangles, don't worry, they are still on my docket... I'm just letting my Muse have her way so she'll settle down a bit...

From The Science Desk -
Isn't this Red Tailed Catfish a beauty? Oh, to be a master of color and pattern on the level of Nature herself. *sigh* 
A Plug For a Friend and Colleague -
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Next week I head off to Colorado to meet up with friends and see if I can stretch my creative muscles a bit... let's hope the altitude doesn't clash with the Fibro, but whatever happens, I'm sure it will be well worth it.


Doreen said...

Aaaach! I hear ya with the achy fingers! Love those rings. They remind me of slug cross sections.

Its All About Creating said...

Wow. Stunning. I love the ring the best.

Bettina Welker said...

oooh, these are gorgeous Mel.
I hear you with the aching fingers. I did some sweet little earings yesterday and after all the cutting and sanding I can barely type today.. Sanding small pieces is just a pain. So I guess I won't stick to these tiny thingies either...I also love my big bracelets...*G*

Nice to hear from you again.
big hug!

Raven's Clay said...

Many thanks, Gals! Doreen, I love the "slug cross section" image! Brilliant! lol!

Bettina, you are too young to have pain in your fingers! :(

gRiS bLEu said...

what an incredible bangle !!!
i'm definitely jealous !

Eva said...

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thanks :)

JJ said...

I get you with the fibro...take a nap if you have to. Have a blast! Joann