Saturday, June 13, 2009

Morphing, Coolest Book, Commerce & Inspiration

(Yeah... I know. It's been a looooong time since I last posted, and I said I would try to post more often, and then... a month or two later I promised to... um... post more often. And... so... yeah. Well, I'm not promising anything this time. Just know that there have been zillions of posts in my head, but honestly... I've been hoping to include a photo or two of my new work... and... well... er, um, eh... I just haven't had time to photograph any of my new work. So. Yeah. I'm just posting other stuff for now. Ok... enough excuses! On with the post!)

I think I'll get to the really fun stuff first... 'cause it's Saturday, and it's sunny, and I feel like playing... So...
Under the "I Want One Of These" category:
I found this item at the Wired Magazine's Danger Room blog. It seems that the Pentagon's weird science arm, DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency), is working on... well... some weird science. This particular bit is some programmable matter that can self assemble or alter shape and then do stuff and disassemble again. Think morphing vehicles, self adjusting clothes, or "soft robots".

My son says he'd use it to "make another me", so he'd never get borded again. heh. I guess I'd like that too. But... imagine a polymer clay tool that, with the touch of a button, could change shape into any tool you would like. Heh heh heh!

The Coolest Book This Year Award: (IMNSHO)
Ronna Sarvas Weltman, one of my most favoritest artists, has birthed a new book that is to die for! These days it takes a lot for a polymer clay book to get me really excited and inspired. This one does it for me in aces! Now... go forth buy it!!

Under the "Amazing Life" or "That Guy Was Real Lucky" category:
There's a guy in the UK who "couldn't even draw stickmen," who had a stroke and woke up from brain surgery as an artist. I'm thinkin' you should read the Daily Mail article to get the whole story. But below is just one of his paintings.

From the Shameless Commerce Division...
I have finally gotten *cough* most of *cough* a new tutorial up on my Etsy Shop. This one is for one of my most favorite canes... a striped Skinner Blend cane. (Part 3 should be done by the end of the weekend *cough*).

For those who photograph their own work, you might be interested in the medium sized, table top, gray to white photo sweep which I also sell on my Etsy Shop.

Oh... I also had an article published in Art Jewelry Magazine last month on how I use those addictive aluminum cuff blanks (there's also a bit in that issue on my solar studio, as well as some cool ideas to make your studio more green). For those who are interested, there's also desktop wallpapers available on the magazines site, including this one:

And finally...
I will leave you with some photos I have been inspired by lately. Enjoy!


Emily said...

Hi Melanie, Thank you for sharing your instructions for the cuff bracelets. I bought the mag and made 2, and another half done, with my own canes. Anyway, used the 3/4 inch? cuff and having a little trouble wearing it. It is easily pulled open. The one that's half done is a wider cuff, so haven't worn it yet. Have you had this happen with your finished cuffs? I used the aluminum ones I got from you several Shrinemont's ago.
I have been following your art and love it all! Emily Miller

Kathi said...

Hey Melanie, I loved the articles with you in Art Jewelry! Love the look into your studio. more darn it :D