Wednesday, June 24, 2009

No More Excuses

Contrary to how it might seem... I've been working in my studio a fair amount. My fibromyalgia just hasn't left me with the energy to photograph my new work. We rearranged my studio so my son could have a work table there. When that happened, I lost my photo set up, and I haven't found the room (or energy) to set it back up.
Did I say I wasn't going to make any more excuses. *cough* Um... So. I finally just took a couple of lousy shots to show you the new BioBrooches I've been working on. These two brooches are part of the "Invertebrate" subgenus of the BioBrooch family. There are many more variants and subgenus in the works, as well as a line of Microbes Under the Lense. Heh. Have I totally confused you yet? In time I will get them photographed properly, but... well... no more excuses.

Noteworthy News:
Not sure if I mentioned it, but I've been invited to contribute to an exhibit called "Spineless Wonders: Invertebrates as Inspiration." Sounds like it's right up my alley, doesn't it? The show is at the Atrium Gallery, in Lewiston, Maine, which is part of the University of Southern Maine's Lewiston-Auburn College. The show will run from September 8th - December 18th.

And another bit of good news... The Fuller Craft Museum's shop has asked if I could give them up to 15 pieces, on commission, to be included in their shop during their exhibit, "Sculpting Color: Works in Polymer Clay", which is being curated by Kathleen Dustin (August 8, 2009 – November 8, 2009).

I'll be in CraftBoston Holiday this December 11 - 13th. They've changed the location of the show this year. It will be at the
Cyclorama, at the Boston Center for the Arts. Word on the street is, this is a very cool place for a holiday craft show.

All this is totally cool, but is tempered by my not getting into this year's Philadelphia Museum of Art's Craft Show. *sniff* *sob* *sigh* There's always next year. *crosses fingers and toes... and eyes*

And, as a grand finish to this lugubrious update... I've (finally!) joined Twitter. Heh. We shall see how long I can keep it up, or keep my wandering mind entertained by it. But there you have it. I now "Tweet". Pft. (That last bit was for Ronna. *wicked grin*)


beadworx said...

That's all great news my dear:) It's wonderful that you and your work get noticed in such a great way. The exhibit with Kathleen will sure be mindblowing - I wish I could visit the exhibit....

Will you attend Synergy again in Feb or will you be too busy..*g* Hope to see you there.

hugs and kisses

PS: The brooches are beautiful by the way

Kathi said...

Melanie, that top brooch is awesome!

sounds like a lot of good things are happening right now! Mazel Tov!

Alice Stroppel said...

Your Bio Brooches are so cool. Many wonderful things are happening with you and your work. Congratulation.

Dick0369 said...