Monday, July 14, 2008

Wild is Wonderful!

This is the work of Arthur Hash, a wonderful artist with a strange, but compelling whimsy. Above is his bubble bracelet, made of ABS plastic. The bracelet below, I believe, is made from cast polyurethane. I found these two beauties at Velvet da Vinci Gallery (another fun time-sucking site well worth browsing). Hash also has some wonderful wall and sculptural art on his site. Well worth a visit.

Yeah, so... Wild is wonderful, but... Routine is good too. At least, it's good when the world seems to be spinning you in waaay too many directions at once. Like... when you have too many ideas in your head, sometimes the best thing to do is just mix clay? Well, lately, I've fallen back to the familiar routine of making "simple" BioBangles.

Lots and LOTS of simple BioBangles. It has actually become very calming to make these. And lately, I can use all the calm I can find. Phew. More on that later.


Susan Turney said...

What wonderful pics of your bangles! They look like they're going to start "slithering" at any moment!!!!! It almost gives me chills!!!! :)

Raven's Clay said...

Susan! Hello, hello! Thanks for visiting, and for your very sweet words!

I got an email from a (very appreciated) customer who asked "how come these guys seem to have actual personalities!?" I'm not sure why folks have this kind of reaction to these bangles... perhaps because they often "make" themselves! lol

Cindy Lietz, Polymer Clay Tutor said...

Your bangles do have something organic about them... I guess that is why you have named them bio-bangles!

Raven's Clay said...

Hi Cindy! Hehe. Yeah... it's not the best name... but it fits, I guess. ;)

Hey, I love your purple mixes. I haven't used Fimo in ages... but I'll be using the Kato and Premo mixes, to be sure.