Saturday, July 19, 2008

Spacey Today (rambling alert!)

I found a really cool video from NASA of the moon passing earth... from 31 million miles away! Wild, huh? The video was taken by NASA's Deep Impact spacecraft. An interesting way to look at our home, don't you think? Kind of humbling.

While we're hurtling through space, check out some of the latest images from Mars. We're talkin' mucho agua, baby! (That's Spanish for Uber H2O, which is 16 year old lingo for lots and LOTS of water.) Below is a color-enhanced image of the delta in Jezero Crater (thought to have been a lake, Uber Eons ago). Scientists believe ancient rivers ferried clay-like minerals (shown in green, below) into the lake, forming the delta. Clays tend to trap and preserve organic matter, making the delta a good place to look for signs of ancient life.

Makes ya' kinda' think, don't it? (Actually, it makes my brain hurt.)

There was also a report from NASA about how some of Mar's soil could grow asparagus, assuming asparagus could handle massive temperature swings as low as -195 degrees F (-125 degrees C) near the poles during the winter, to as much as 70 degrees F (20 degrees C) at midday near the equator. The average temperature on Mars is about -80 degrees F (-60 degrees C). And I thought Maine winters were cold! *shivers*

For those who would like to steer me back to topics of Polymer... I heard an interesting factoid on NPR the other day (my middle aged, muddled, and yes... spacey... brain can't remember who said this, however). Apparently, 70% of the plastic made in the US comes from natural gas, not oil. Hmmm. Not sure why this interests me, or why it should interest you, but it's probably related to my quirky eccentricities... or my Uber spaciness.

And... because I can't avoid talking about myself for more than 5 minutes... I've finally found a way to make mini nudibranchs! These minis stick out a bit less than the bigger ones, and are a tad lighter (and yes, a tad cheaper). I will (finally!) leave you with photos of a few of them...


Kim Cavender said...

These are delicious! I absolutely could never pick a favorite biobangle. Fancy, plain, it doesn't matter, they're all so cool!

Raven's Clay said...

You are very sweet, my dear Kim. They have become an incredible addiction, I'm afraid. Only trouble is, I make and make them, but then I'm left with a HUGE pile to sand. ARGH!!! x.X

How is your son doing