Saturday, October 13, 2007

And now... something completely different....

(Yes, that was an "homage" to MPFC.)

If you haven't seen the work of Donald Friedlich, featured in the November issue of Art Jewelry Magazine, you might want to pick up a copy. There's an inspiring Artist Profile of Donald in this issue, and lots of delicious glass jewelry eye candy. I really like the photos of his "Magnification" series. But one paragraph in his interview stood out for me...

"When I was growing up, there wasn't that much emphasis on creativity in our educational system. The kid in class who showed early facility for drawing was the class artist, and everyone else thought they weren't talented. I think there's a lot hidden in people that they don't realize is there. I've never been able to draw well, so I never thought I was creative."

Looking at his pieces in Art Jewelry, it's clear Donald Friedlich was wrong. This quote really sums up how I see our educational system, and most peoples attitude about themselves and their creativity.

But enough preaching! If anyone is interested in what I got for my birthday... hee hee hee.... take a look at this! (Guess who's gonna be working with a lot of PMC soon!)

OK, enough about me. It's time for Mama Raven to crow about her Not-So-Little Raven... Most of what you will actually see is Wes, the best-buddy of Not-So-Little Raven. But don't be fooled. If you look deep enough, you will see the wit, wiles and dare I say... wisdom, of my (not so) little chick, Al.

Now, while you're enjoying the YouTube movies that Al and Wes have made, and drooling over lovely glass jewelry and my wonderful birthday present... I'm going to head down to the Camden Opera House to enjoy a live performance of "Says You".


Libby said...

Have fun! I love "Says You". It would be great to see it live. I haven't been in the Camden Opera House since I was a kid.

Mel said...

A kiln! FABULOUS! What a great birthday present. You're gonna have a ball!
Loved the pics in the last post good to see you put Louise's guidance to good use. I was really wanting to see what you'de learned and am really impressed. Australia has their first ever USA polymer clay teacher over here right now. Christi Friesan. I went to a workshop on Friday and just had a ball!
Thanks for sharing!

Raven's Clay said...

Hi Libby and Mel!

Yep, Libby, "Says You" was terrific live! They taped two shows, so we got over two hours of it!! I got tired laughing so much. ;)

Thanks so much, Mel! Hey, you guys Down Under have a bunch of terrific clayers there - including you! What I want to see is some of you guys coming to New England! Soooo, when are you coming over? *wicked grin*

Stonehouse Studio said...

We're on the same wavelength - that interview with Donald Friedlich really hit on some of the issue artists face today (and that we've talked about). I particularly liked his take on production versus one-of-a-kind work: that high quality production work allows us to experiment and grow by not having to worry about paying the rent. That it's a real challenge to make a good quality, quick and inexpensive piece, and that good production work introduces the masses to the value of handcrafted objects. Do you feel better about all the dreaded production work now??