Friday, September 7, 2007

From the Shameless Commerce Division...

I'm really sorry it's been so long since I posted. Hey, I have an excuse, I've been in production. Remember?

And I apologize for only posting this shameless advertisement, and not putting something more interesting (especially since it's been so long since I posted)... but I'm just so proud of these babies! Look, Ma, new silk screen patterns! I've finally gotten my act together (hey, no laughing!) and put up on my site some of the zillion new patterns I've made over the last several months. The patterns you see here are just a taste of what I have to offer on my site.

Many of the patterns are totally all mine, made in Adobe Illustrator (boy, do I love that program). Some are adaptations and obfuscations (can you tell I listen to Car Talk?) of old fabric patterns and Dover books. Before you gasp in horror that I'm braking copyright laws by selll Dover patterns, I have received permission from Dover to sell my patterns for silk screens. I just have to pay them a royalty. But hey, you all are going to buy millions of these things, right? Um... guys? Hey, where's everybody going?


Nadja said...

Wow Melanie! Your new patterns are amazing! You know what? Etching would look great with some of those patterns... Which ones are the ones you created from scratch?

Big swiss mountain hugs to you my far away sister!

Raven's Clay said...

Nadja! Hallo, hallo! The one on top is the only non-original one, but even that one has been completely redrawn to make a decent screen. All the rest are ooak Melanie. ;)

I'm way ahead of you, my dear - I sent Betsy five sheet of my patterns and she sent back some of those lucious crappy lazer copies one needs to do etching. I've been having a blast! As soon as I can get some finished I'll photograph them and put (the best ones) on the blog. Oh, and photos of the new kitchen will go up soon too. Lol.

Missing you in Maine! -Melanie

Nadja said...

Hehehe! Ok ok, I see you realy are way ahead! ;oD
Looking forwar to seeing your finished etched pieces!


S in Delaware said...

The PATTERNS are exquisite. !

Raven's Clay said...

Suzzala! Sounds like life has settled down enough for you to take a little tour of the web. We really need a good phone conversation! I guess that means I should pick up the phone and call you. Now, where did I put that tiny scrap of paper that I wrote your new number on?