Saturday, August 11, 2007

Last Blog From Europe...

...But there will be many more posts about the trip. Believe me, I've only scratched the surface! *groans heard around the world*

Tonight is my last night in Europe. Nadja, Lucas and I sit at our respective computers in Bern catching up on emails, editing photos and scanning stuff to share. And tonight, I share with you a bit more about the workshop with Louise and Maggie.

Here are the two Masters comparing notes on the ever present pasta machine (for those who don't know, Maggie is on the left, Louise on the right).

Louise's workshop covered, among other things, her delicious luminescent translucent etched and image transferred painted and penciled jewelry. *gasps for breath* Below is a selection of some of the photos Nadja took of the process. First, the Master Louise applying a little color to translucent clay.

Next, a little "etching" a-la-Gwen-Gibson.

Then, A bit of image transfer using the H2O technique.

And of course... There is the baking. This bowl is a great excuse to go to Ikea, btw. Not that I ever needed an excuse mind you. *dreams of her next adventure in Ikea*

Then there is the sanding and edge treatment. (The photo below Louise is of Nadja's magnificently finished edges. Brava, Nadja!!)

A little dab of paint here and a little colored pencil there...

And voila! Here are a few of Nadja's beauties. Aren't they lovely? Mind you, these are just elements for a finished piece, but I haven't found a photo of the pin she made with these yet. It's amazing how several folks can use the same technique and they all have a unique look about them. These have the "Nadja Fuenfsinn look".

There was much more to learn from Louise, but to wrap up todays post I will share with you the most important lesson of all... Where the best restaurants are in Stresa. (And you thought I was done talking about the food in Italy - bwaaahaaahaaa!)

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