Monday, August 13, 2007

Exquisite Corpse and Die Simpsons

(Please note, for the next 24 hours we are taking a break from the intellectual pursuits of the past few posts. Tomorrow we shall return to the insights gained from Maggie Maggio.)

The last day in Europe was a bitter sweet one. I was longing for home, but so sad to be leaving my dear friends Nadja and Lucas, as well as ending my adventures. To cheer us up I brought out my trusty art journal and pen and we had a little fun with something called an Exquisite Corpse.

For those unfamiliar with the Exquisite Corpse, it works like this... You fold a piece of paper in as many sections as there are people. It works best with three or four people. The top part of the paper is the head section, the second for the torso and arms, and so on. The first person draws the head, and leaves two little marks on the corner of the fold on the bottom. The next person uses those marks to start drawing the torso and.... well, you get the idea. The really fun part is that no one knows what the other people have drawn.

Any way, Nadja, Lucas and I had fun making several Exquisite Corpses, and I thought you might get a kick out of them, sooooo.... here they are.

And now for a sociological look at the impact that US media has on Europe...


Lucas said...

Dear Melanie
the time with you was sooo exciting! I'm back at work again and thinking wistfully back at the peacefull wine yard we were in Piemont - or the breakfast in beautiful Cinque Terre - and not to forget the relaxing view from our rooms in Ranco...

Thank you very much for your visit and all the things we explored togeher: Castles, mountains, different landscapes, villages - and yes, the Italien Gelaterias (homemade ice cream)...

I wish you and your family (hi Al, hi Tom!) all the best and I'm looking forward to seeing you again+hopefully sooner than thought

Love, Lucas

PS: Nadja and I had some great laughs with the Simpsons movie (for example Barts skateboard ride or papa Simpson hammering at the roof)
PS2: Don't hesitate to laugh about my faulty English - I only say "little mountain cable cars" - but nevertheless they were nice to ride in our lovely Alps - weren't they?

Raven's Clay said...

Lucas!! Hallo, hallo! Yes, my time with you and Nadja was like a dream. I look back at our photos often with much nostalgia and wistfulness (look it up in Alta Vista Babble Fish), especially the Gelaterias. Mmmmmm! Better than Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream!

Don't think I will stop trying to get you two over here just because I'm home! Lol. I'll be sending you as many encouragements as I can! *wicked evil grin*

Ack! You've seen the Simpson's movie already?! I'm going to have to make a point of seeing it before it comes out in Video.

A big blogger hug to you, Lucas!