Tuesday, June 12, 2007

A new beginning...

A few years ago I had a blog dedicated to my Photo Illustration work. But, when I was faced with the physical challenges of fibromyalgia, I discovered the healing properties of polymer clay and that ol' photo blog was laid to rest.

The thought of starting a polymer clay blog had passed through my mind on occasion, but I didn't think seriously about it until I met Cynthia Tinapple, the creator of Polymer Clay Daily, at the NPCG Shrine Mont retreat. We talked over meatloaf and macaroni & cheese about blogging and sharing on line, and... well, the rest is, um... yeah.

So, I dive into the growing polymer clay blog phenomenon. I will post my exploits, discoveries, thoughts, and wanderings through this polymer clay journey. I'm sure it wont be a daily affair like Cynthia's fantastic blog, but I hope it will be somewhat interesting to a few.

And to start it off, I include a photo of a pendant I made recently. It's based on a technique I learned from Kathleen Dustin. *bows in deep homage to Kathleen* Kathleen is an amazing artist, and a fantastic teacher. If you can manage to join one of her classes, do it! *gets off soap box*.

So, this piece was inspired by cool film clips I've seen again and again of massive schools of fish swimming just inches from each other. You know the film, where they all move in unison, and suddenly, for no apparent reason, they all change direction - the same direction - at the same time!

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