Friday, June 15, 2007

Little Bowls

Well, I promised that I would show you something I did with those art deco canes I made... so here are a couple of little bowls I made. They are about two inches in diameter and one inch high. I just got an order of 21 of these little beauties from a local store, Yo Mamma, in Belfast, Maine.

I've been trying to find a foot into that door for a while now. It's a delightful store full of eclectic, wacky, fun stuff. Oh, and now they carry really nifty little polymer clay bowls too!

And speaking of little bowls, here's the latest batch....


Anonymous said...

Wow Melanie!

Congratulations to your new blog! It is wonderful to see more of your work online.
See you soon over here in Europe! ;o)


Raven's Clay said...

Nadja! You found my blog! Yipeeee! I believe you may be the first. An email is coming soon. ;)