Tuesday, August 28, 2012

As I Move On, My Mother Shows Up

Going through the living room library of books smashed into the bookshelves... I find a hard covered book my dad put together  - after my mom died - of many of her writings.  I open the book up to the following poem... And my heart soars... Thank you, Mom.


In the Beginning
when Energy
I was here.

When inanimate matter
transformed itself
into living cells
branching out
I was here.

When life
now sentient
in seething, steaming waters
first clambered on to land
I was here.

When Earth's creatures
ever more complex
ripened into human form
and seized the energy
of the sun
I was there.

I suffused all that is
with my Wisdom
the Wisdom
of great age
of limitless experience
of infinite knowledge
of boundless love.

I am in the stardust.
I am in you.

- Martha hope West
(Note: For those not familiar with the Goddess Sophia, you can find out more here, but, please remember... Sophia was around a long time before Christianity. They just took her over because she is so awesome.)


Susan Moorhead said...

Beautiful poem. And what a stunning collage!

Michelle Genders said...

Hi Melanie,
I am interested to include some of your polymer clay works in an exhibition at Gaffa Gallery in Sydney. Could you please send me your email address so that I may send you further information about this.
Michelle Genders

kcbirder said...

Test. Are comments posting?

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