Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Two Steps Back Can Be A Good Thing

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I had a bit of "artist's block" to deal with this spring... And, as someone (please don't ask me who) once said, "It's more preferable to step back a bit, than to keep banging ones head against the wall." So... always one to follow wise advice *coughnotcough*... when I stepped back I found myself making beads.

Lots of beads... (sorry for the lousy pics... I didn't want to delay this post any longer than necessary).

Beads are an old passion of mine, but many years ago I decided to resist making any more because... well... I am not very good at stringing them. What good is a bead if you can't do anything interesting with them (I have a couple of drawers of ancient beads to testify to that).
But, I have found that sometimes going back to a form that comes easy (i.e., simple round balls with holes in them) helps coax out a sleeping muse.

Above are some of the Mokume Gane squid and cicada beads.

Then I started easing back into my usual "simple cane" patterns...

When my muse started to open her sleepy eyes, I began making simpler beads, but with a little added dimension.

As well as more "cephalopod eye" beads, which I actually started making last year...

So. Now that my muse is up and had her coffee, what do I do with all these beads!


Norma's Bag Boutique said...

Those are gorgeous beads! I found myself making more beads lately too.

ctinapple said...

So cool! Can't wait to collaborate! Love these new beads!


Susan said...

Do what I do and refer to yourself as a bead artist and collector. That way you can just keep them all and continue to use them for inspiration. I do use some of mine in jewelry, but for the most part they are just made to be...

Your work certainly is lovely, by the way.

Raven's Clay said...

Thanks so much for your comments, Norma, "ct" and Susan!

Norma, I think there's something in the air that is calling for the making of beads.

Thanks for the tip, Susan. I am definitely a bead collector. A few years ago I traded two of my bangles for just ONE Ford/Forlano bead!! Granted, it was a beauty... but only a bead addict would do such a thing. lol

I'm really looking forward to our collaboration too, "ct". Every morning (my most creative time) my brain turns over ideas on how to engineer something that will work. ;) T-minus 11 days (give or take). Funny how time moves soooo sloooow when you want something to happen, and soooo fast when it finally happens. Sheesh!

Marian Hertzog said...

Whew... you are making me feel better! I have two big printer boxes full of beads and want to make more beads rather than make something out of them. Now I know I am not alone...not so sure we all aren't a bit crazy but I have been ok with that for a long time! Love your new beads and your muse followings!

treasureislandcrafts said...

Absolutely gorgeous beads! A bit of stretchy elastic a few of those babies and you've got yourself a bracelet. I think we all could make a different bead every day for the next hundred years and still not exhaust all the possibilities.

Sue O. said...

What do you do with them?? Send them to me!!

No seriously, they are gorgeous! Can't imagine that at some point you won't be inspired to string them.

Unknown said...

If there are any you don't want to keep I'm sure they would sell as just beads in your shop, they look absolutely gorgeous.

Suzette said...

I also love under the sea creatures. I have been making small sea urchin beads from sea urchin molds I make. I have also been making beads with molds I have made from the jaw of large sea urchins. What fun. I'm also experimenting with molds from welk and conch egg cases. They make frilly flowers.

I love the cane on your round beads. Don't give up on beads.

Debbie Bellibone Goodrow said...

Wowzer! Those are GORGEOUS! If you're willing to part with them, put them on your Etsy... I have no doubt they'll be snapped up. Certainly I'M willing to relieve you of your 'burden'... I'll even pay for the shipping for as many as you "don't know what to do with" *cheeky grin*

When your inspiration is hiding, it's always good to go back up a bit and do what you are familiar with. It gets the muscle memory going if nothing else, immerses you in the sight, texture and smell of your medium, all of which gets you closer to further along. I think of it like this - if the barrier in front of me is a bit higher than usual, I might have to back up a few steps and re-run that part to clear the next hurdle.

Hear's to soaring!

dmanzi said...

Melanie I, too love beads and cannot make enough....string and sell them . People are always buying necklaces, bracelets,earrings and the beads you don't like put them in small bags and sell them! People love them and they will buy them, after all how are we bead addicts going to continue our addiction? We have to keep buying clay!!!!

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