Saturday, June 9, 2012

Mojo and More (some from across the pond)!

I have been meaning to plug Cynthia Tinapple's terrific weekly e-newsletter, StudioMojo, for... er... well... months, actually. But in typical Mel "Island Time" I'm just getting around to it now.

This week, Cynthia's newsletter included a video interview with Alison Gallant that spurred me to (finally) crow (well, blog) about StudioMojo. I had the chance to clay with Alison last month, and it was a real delight. She was wearing something like (perhaps the same one?) the necklace above.  (I also managed to trade earrings with her... My new colorful, Gallant drop earrings are definitely the better end of the deal.) 

I had a good laugh when Alison referred to "mud" - what we call the color of mixed scrap clay on this side of the pond - as "donkey brown". I think I like her words for it better (I have a thing for donkeys).

You never know where you will gather tidbits of information that will spur new ideas and creative rushes, but I can always depend on StudioMojo to give me a shot of inspiration and motivation (just look at the fact that I'm finally posting a blog! Heh).  In the interview, Alison spilled the beans that the International Polymer Clay Association's Synergy 4 (in 2014) will be held in Amsterdam! But... Before that happens, be sure to check out Synergy 3, in Atlanta, GA, which will be held in March of next year.

Now for a bit of selfless self promotion... For those who (wisely) stay away from the Book of Faces (aka Facebook), you might not have heard I have started to teach more regularly (well, regularly for me). Next month I will be teaching with Bonnie Bishoff at stunningly beautiful Saddleback, Maine. You can find out more here, but just to get the juices flowing...

...Here's a brief description:
"This four day course will be a fun mash-up of creative discovery.  This class brings together the experience and visions of two world renowned artists, Bonnie Bishoff and Melanie West, who will invite students to join them in the exploration of creativity, play and the marriage of surface and form.
Bonnie will share, among other gems, her stunning marquetry technique, incorporating the feel of brushstrokes and fabric. Melanie will share her methods for organic form and the materials behind them. Together, they will help students explore their creative voice through (among other things) the creation of an organic bangle, laminated with marquetry and other methods."

Just to make it more interesting, Melanie Muir will be teaching a one day class right after Bonnie's and my class (plus, Ms. Muir will be joining our class!)... How cool is that?  And the best part, it all takes place at the incredibly beautiful Saddleback, Maine... So come play with clay with us!

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Anonymous said...

Oh how I would Love to come!!!
It is so Great to read/hear from you again my der far away Friend.
Big hugs!
Nadja and family