Saturday, September 18, 2010

Something New And Different From A Spray Can

I've finally been getting a little time in the studio, but nothing finished to show yet. So this is just a short, photo-less post for you all... just to let you know I'm still alive... and thinkin' of ya!

From The Weird Fashion Desk -
You'll never guess what's coming out of a spray can now (unless, of course, you've seen this piece already). This is actually a pretty cool, if a bit weird (although... I like weird), idea. I doubt that anyone would like to see someone like me using this product, given how much is... well... seen. But... oh the possibilities!

From the Scary Science Desk -
It seems that someone caught a piranha in the Thames. Either that or The Sun is pulling another one over on us.

Let's hear it for the folks across the pond for coming up with some terrific entertai... er... reporting. Heh.


2 Good Claymates said...

The spray can fabric is pretty funny! Looks like he needed a primer first! lol!

shibori girl said...

I saw that spray on clothing in a tv report and couldn't believe my eyes. That falls under the category of "whatever" with an eye roll tossed in.

Have fun in the studio.

Kate Tracton