Friday, March 13, 2009

Smooshed Fireflies, Micro Megalopolis, How To's For You To Do's

Smooshed Fireflies!
I love when someone discovers something that shakes up firm bits of information that we consider true and fact... Like how photography was being used long before the camera was created...

The BBC has a great piece on the 16th century, Italian artist Caravaggio. There is a researcher who now believes that Caravaggio used crushed fireflies to create primitive, temporary "photographs" on his canvas to make initial sketches. The article doesn't describe how he might have projected light onto his canvas... but my guess is he used a "camera obscura" (which had been around long before Caravaggio).

Micro Megalopolis:
I can't resist sharing a video I came across, which demonstrates the power of a "collective mind." Please ignore the little speech bubbles... they were put there by someone else.

The engineering and architecture of this thing is astonishing, and I am grateful for being able to see it... But at what price? Here's the thing about science... The fascination with the secrets of nature seems to over ride the desire to preserve it.

And now, a word from our shameless commerce division:

How To's For You To Do's:
Just a quick note on some fun stuff I've put together for those interested in polymer clay bracelet tutorials. In my Etsy shop you can now find a tutorial on how to use the brass channel bangles I sell there. Oh, yeah, and I'm still selling pre-bent aluminum cuff blanks, both on my Etsy Shop and at my website. And, in the upcoming April '09 issue of Art Jewelry Magazine, I've written an extensive article on how to cover the aluminum cuff blanks (which *cough* I also sell). Art Jewelry also did an interview with me about my solar studio. (Lord knows why they would want to cover me in TWO articles in the same issue.)

Other than my work displayed in a couple few publications this year, I think that's it for exposure... unless, of course, I make zillions of dollars and can pay off my debts, and still have money left over to buy an ad here and there. Heh. Don't hold your breath.


Janice said...

Great posts Melanie - always fun to see what you've been up to. I LOVE the translucent biobangle. Congratulations on all your good news - so well deserved!

Oh, and thanks for the cool videos . . . now I know what's on my holiday wish list for next year - a wing suit! Cowabunga!

Nadja said...

Very impressive this Megalopolis! What a project! But those millions of poor ants...


Anonymous said...

not sure how i got here but the work is great, i'm a traditional potter and was unaware that this polymer clay stuff had come so far... very cool

dakotah said...

I read the articles the moment my copy landed at the house. Just want to say "thank you" for the how to and say I think you are a fantastic representative of the polymer clay artist communtiy.

Your work if fabulous and your homestead almost makes me ashamed of our own meager efforts here.

Keep up the great work.

Anonymous said...

I bought that issue of Art Jewelry just to read those two articles - congrats! You're helping to keep alive my green art dreams, from investing in a solar oven for curing clay to building a passive solar, water harvesting fibradobe studio.

And thanks for the ant video. I agree that our itch to know something sometimes leads us to do thoughtlessly destructive things. At least this colony wasn't in the middle of pristine habitat, but I still feel sad for all the ants entombed in the cement.