Thursday, January 3, 2008

A Word From Our Shameless Commerce Division

I hide my head in shame... Not. Heh heh. I'm gearing up for the Synergy Conference Vendors Fair, and have made a number of pattern sheets for image transfer onto polymer clay. I will have both water transfer and TLC transfer sheets. Below are some samples of what they will be like.

I'm now selling two of these sheets on my Etsy Shop, and they'll soon be available on my website too (as soon as I get them up there - don't hold your breath). The patterns are designed with polymer clay projects in mind, including mirror image patterns for earrings. Most of the patterns are all mine, and some are what could be called "altered art" (think quilts!).

I'll also have a large selection of my silk screens, bracelet blanks, flexible molds (from vintage buttons) and maybe even some beads. So, yeah, I'm a capitalist at heart. But I doubt these sheets and other goodies will take me out of the "Starving Artists" subdivision.

In response to my last post, Doreen (who - ahem - didn't leave any contact or linking information) passed on a terrific link to nudibranch photos.

After spending a few hours drooling over them, I have finally come up with my next mountain to climb! OK, imagine this.... a faux bone base handed colored with pencils, and appendages of polymer clay - either hand colored or perhaps with tinted pearl mica shift. Mmmmmmmmm! A huge THANK YOU to Doreen! I've been searching for a project for my upcoming workshop with Robert Dancik. (More on that later.)