Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Color Water Transfers

No, not watercolor transfers... color water transfers. (Say that, ten times fast.)

I made a pilgrimage to a Staples Office Supply store today - a short, hour-long drive (hey, this is Maine!) - and I copied five sheets of patterns I made on my computer. Got home and tested them with the water transfer technique on some scrap clay.... and the winner is.... Staples Office Supply!!

Granted, the color of the test on polymer clay was washed out, compared to the original colors. But Doc Sarah, "PAPCG Guild Cheerleader & Web Tinkerer", and regular visitor of Polymer Clay Central, says she really ramps up the color saturation of her images when she prints out the originals to help keep the transferred images bright and colorful. I shall have to try that.

Now, about the actually patterns I've made... Most of them are all my design. A few are adapted images from a wealth of sources (with permission, or non-copyrighted), and are also available as silkscreens. But all of them seem to look a lot like fabric patterns. Funny, that. I really do have a thing for fabric. Sort of a Love from afar. A wanna-be quilter.


EigerMoenchJungfrau said...

They look great!
Let us see what you finaly do with them.

Girl from the alps-view-apartment

Raven's Clay said...

Lol! You, my dear, are hardly a "jungfrau", and DEFINITELY NOT "eiger" or a "moench"! ;P But certainly more "jung" than I, and absolutely a bitter frau! ;)

So far as seeing what I actually DO with these patterns... I must confess, like my silk screen patterns, I tend to enjoy making them more than using them... silly, I know, but true. So... I'll probably sell them as sheets, to folks who love to do image transfer. Lol!

Is it February yet?!?!?!

Polka Dot Creations said...

Those are great patterns! I've always loved trying to make clay more fabric-like. That's why all of my canes are repeating patterns, and not faces or flowers.

Just don't make the same mistake I did and buy yourself a sewing machine. Next thing you know you'll have a stash of gorgeous fabric and wonder where it all came from and how you can get more More MORE!

Raven's Clay said...

Lol! Too late, Lisa... I bought a (simple) sewing machine years ago, and have been collecting interesting fabrics ever since! One way Polymer clay has been a blessing is that now I spend every free penny on pc stuff... you know, like cool pc books or DVDs. ;)

I think it's Nadja (aka EigerMoenchJungfrau) you should be warning... no, wait, she got one for her birthday. Oh noooooo! ;P

Anonymous said...

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