Sunday, September 9, 2007

Faux Bone, Cracker Dog, and Robert Dancik

In an attempt to keep this blog going, but stall for time to finish some new pieces I want to share with you, today is a "look at this cool artist's work" day.

Somewhere in my browsing, some time ago, in a land far... er... sorry.. coffee hasn't kicked in yet. Anyway. I came across this stuff called Faux Bone. A terrific artist, Robert Dancik sells it, and uses it in a delightful way. It's actually made of PVC, if I understand it correctly, but it's sheet (available in different thicknesses) that can be cut, carved, sanded, back filled and painted. Very cool stuff. Different to work with than polymer clay, but can actually be used with polymer clay. Very, very cool.

But even cooler is Robert's work. It's diverse, often playful, full of different mediums (media?), and just plain yummy! Check these non-faux bone bracelet lovelies out...

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