Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Le Corbusier, Mountains, Crepe Nadja, and Paddlewheels - phew!

If you are from the US you will know what I mean when I say US money is boooooring. But here in the land of cheeses and chocolate the money is stunningly lovely! Here is a picture of the 10 Swiss Franc with a picture of Le Corbusier - did you know he was Swiss? I always thought he was French! I guessing the French wouldn't mind if he were. Oh, and that nice frothy cup is Ovalmatine - or, in English, Ovaltine. Yum! You can get it on the double decker trains in Switzerland.

Speaking of trains, Nadja and I had a fantastic excursion today... taking many trains and even a paddle wheel ferry ride so we could eat Jambon et Fromage Crepes. Mmmm. Well... that wasn't the ONLY reason we traveled so far. Nadja wanted me to see some more of the beauty of Switzerland.

And what did we see on our journey, you ask?

Mountains, mountains and MORE mountains!! Que Bella! (Just practicing for next week.)


Anonymous said...

cool pictures. hope your travels are fun. have you had enough chocolate? Week 2 begins soon dear, so keep me posted. MR T strikes again.

Susan Turney said...

I'm loving your travelblog! You're having so much fun! Great pics...I especially loved the hat!!

Raven's Clay said...

Mr. T!! Nice of you to sign in this time. ;p I may be enjoying chocolate and cheese to my hearts content, but I am seriously missing you! xoxoxo

Raven's Clay said...

Hi Susan! I'm so glad you are enjoying the blog. Just wait until next week, when I (and Nadja) will be taking pics of Louise and Maggie's class in Stresa, Italy. Yeeeehaaa!