Monday, July 23, 2007

Baby Eater and Bears

I'll get to the Baby Eater and Bears in a minute. Did you know that the Bernese (how the people of Bern call themselves) are exceptionally attractive? Really, they are. Look at this woman - very typical of the beauty of Bern...

Oh, wait, that's Nadja! Also known as Documentary Photographer Supreme! She is currently doing a documentary on world renowned Helicopter Pilot Lucas. Here is Lucas with his darling "Hell's Beast".

"The Beast", as folks here in Switzerland call it, is very powerful... but sometimes Lucas looses control of her and she (The Beast) takes command and... this is what can happen:

Now, about Bears... the city of Bern was named when some smart fellow decided that the name of the (then) town would be what ever animal they saw first. Care to guess what animal it was? It's a good thing they don't have Skunks here in Switzerland. So now, everywhere you look you will see Bears. See...

(Yes, that is a penis on the relief bear on the left. Nadja says that is not uncommon to see that here. Very strange.)

Now, about that Baby Eater... Here he is. Can you see how he is about to bite the head off the baby? He sits on top of (yet another) fountain here in Bern. Nadja told me a story about this fountain... Many, many years ago it sat at the dividing line between a nunnery and a monastery. There was a tunnel that ran right under the fountain where the nuns and monks would travel secretly back and forth to... well... you know. Because, obviously, this was forbidden, any children that came from these secret meetings were... well... sent to the baby eater as it were.

So... there. Yeah. Switzerland is different.

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Anonymous said...

Oy, this story. The whole "secret tunnel" connection story was fabricated in the late 1800s by a Canadian woman named Maria Monk (seriously, that was her name) who was bitter about being asked to leave a convent. She was mentally unstable and the sisters felt she would not make a good nun. Angry and immature, and without much guidance from home, she wrote a number of viscious but fictionalized accusations against the Catholic Church, including this story, repreated in many places, about tunnels and secret sex and abortions. It was popular in the late 1800s to be virulently anti-Catholic.

In far too many places, even today, these tales from the mind of a disturbed teenager remain legend, or are even taught as truth. But there's zero documentation, and no such tunnels or even evidence of filled-in tunnels has ever been found.
Robin Johnston, Dallas TX