Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The Art of Tools

I received this months eNews from the Society of Arts and Crafts today, and they had a photo of work by Rod Northcutt (above) called "Sketches of Southern Early American Imperialism; Black Warriour pencils". It's one of the pieces included in their current exhibit, "The Art of Tools". I got such a kick out of these pencils that I wanted to share them with you. Talk about sharpening your pencils!! I didn't find much when I Googled Rod's name. If anyone knows more about him, and where we can see more of his work on line, please let me know.

Below is some more of my recent work.


Kerstin said...

These bracelets are absolutely beautiful!

Raven's Clay said...

Thanks so much, Kerstin!

I took a quick look at your site - you have some really beautiful canes! Delicious! :)

Polka Dot Creations said...

Oh, I am such a fan of your bracelets... I think the one on the right is my favorite of this batch.

Raven's Clay said...

Thank you so much, Lisa! I took a vacation from making cuffs for a time, but I guess I'm back to work on them again with a vengeance. Lol

woodluddite said...

Hi, I stumbled onto your blog and was surprised to find an image of my work. I am glad you got a kick out of the pencils--I had fun making them. I don't currently have a site up, and my work spans formats (2D/3D) and domains (art/craft/design), so I really do need a site to pull it all together. For now, feel free to shoot an email--
woodluddite@hotmail. Lovely bracelets, BTW!

Take care,
Rod Northcutt