Wednesday, June 27, 2007

An Euro-Urban Myth?

Is it true that Italy is the place to go to find the best sidewalk chalk art? I have this idea stuck in my mind, and now I am thinking when I go to Italy next month I will see some.

Ok, I say to myself, I'm just another sucker for an Urban Myth. So I go to Google and start searching. It seems that there are many folks who believe Italy is where you go to find sidewalk art. Like the folks at the San Marco Festival in Jacksonville, FL. And the folks at the Italian Street Art Festival in San Rafael, CA, and the Fairfield, IA, All Things Italian Festival (where you can also get Café Paradiso gelato - mmmmmm). I found sidewalk art in Canada, Belgium and even LA! But where's the Italian street art?

I google some more. I discover Julian Beever (see his work above) , a fantastic artist who has worked in the U.K., Belgium, France, The Netherlands, Germany, the USA and Australia... but not Italy. I learn that Madonarro is Italian one who paints Madonnas for alms on the street. I try Amazon and find lots of books on Italian Cooking and Italian masters of long ago. But where is the Italian Street Art?!!

Ah well, I shall content myself with the art of Julian Beever for now...


Nadja said...

Ciao mia cara sorella americana!
Let's check out the italian street art together... soon!
What a nice coincidence to see you found Julian Beever too; only short time ago I sent this link to my art-class-collegues as an example of anamorphism and illusion art.
It is cool to see your blog grow!

Raven's Clay said...

Ciao Bella Nadja!

Yes! Viva street art! And Bravo Julian Beever! *giggle* I love his work... have you seen how he makes his perspective pieces... if you look at them in different directions than the way they are photographed they don't look as amazing - still impressive, but not as amazing.

An email is coming soon!

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